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Ike & Ron

– Thank you for visiting my website –

My name is Ron and I’m married to Ike for more then 16 years now. Together we do have 3 grown-up kids living their own lives, 3 beautiful grandchildren and a dog, called Pip.

In my daily life I try to find a good balance between work and leisure. Check my activities below….

Our dog Pip & friends!


As a self employed web-designer I build professional websites and webshops , manage content, SEO and Social media optimization.

Do visit  to see some examples of websites & shops.

More info? Send an e-mail at or call +31 634 249 662


I’am also running a webshop, selling magnet jewelery.  Interested in becoming a business partner? Call +31 634 249 662 or check the website.

Do visit  to see our collection.

More info? Send an e-mail at or call +31 634 249 662


As Christians we are involved in our local community. On Lombok island we support Jantine with here work for the people in th kampong.

I’m webmaster of charity organisation that supports foundations who care for the needs in developing countries

Do visit  to!


We do love to travel arround the world. Cuba by 4-wheel drive, Mexico, Thailand, Dominican Republic and our favorite destination Lombok, Indonesia.

Do visit to see our Lombok property that is for sale.

More info? Send an e-mail at or call +31 634 249 662